Toni Lock
Toni Lock

impressions that last

Located in Salt Lake City, ™designs develops solid relationships with clients representing all business sectors, from music and art, to high-end retail and non-profit, to science and healthcare. ™designs also caters to individual entrepreneurs who want to begin living their dream, or need a creative flair on print pieces for a special occasion.

As our name implies, we craft one-of-a-kind designs that distinguish your business and project from competitors, creating impressions that last.

™designs' workflow consists of both long-term design strategies and short-term projects. Each client has unique needs and challenges. With some clients, we serve as their in-house design team, producing all of their creative business communications. With others, we develop effective messages on a per project basis.

™designs will meet with you to determine which approach is best for your specific needs, developing solutions that make a difference.

partial client list

21st Century Marketing
Simply De.lite.ful (cookbook)
Book Printers of Utah, Inc.
Esoterix Clinical Trials Services
Island View (residential treatment center for adolescents)
Park City Jewelers
The Red Lotus School of Movement
Sounds of Zion, Inc.
Dr. Ray Strand, author
Tandem Labs
This is the Place (retail stores)