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capturing your story in print

™designs believes that creative print communications share messages with others. Our goal is to design projects that share your message effectively with your customers.

We can design projects that match your existing brand image, or we can partner with you to define a completely new identity from logo development and unique corporate color palettes to the final printed brochure.


Toni Lock

clear communications

Esoterix Clinical Trials Services

Headquartered in Cranford, New Jersey, Esoterix Clinical Trials Services is a multi-million dollar company providing laboratory testing for the clinical trials industry. When designing for Esoterix Clinical Trials Services, the primary objective for ™designs is to:

Portray very complex service offerings in a simple and understandable manner.

In order to achieve this, ™designs uses consist and clean imagery and colors to offset the more complex technical content. This clean, effective design is present in ads, booth graphics, and print collateral.


Tandem Labs
Tandem labs
Tandem Labs

consistent branding

Tandem Labs

Tandem Labs conducts pharmaceutical research across four laboratory sites for a highly educated client base that appreciates straight-forward, understandable imagery. When designing for Tandem Labs, ™designs uses creative visual techniques to:

Solidify the corporate brand with consistent design.

Strengthen exhibit show presence with customized graphics and integrated collateral.

Organize dense technical data clearly.

™designs distinguishes Tandem Labs visually by using consistent colors and graphical elements to unify its corporate material. Integrated messages flow across all communications, from pre-show mailers, ads, brochures, booth graphics, interactive booth games, and scientific posters.


Red Lotus
Red Lotus
Red Lotus

targeted messages

Red Lotus School
of Movement

Red Lotus offers traditional-style training in the classical martial arts of T'ai Chi Chu'an and Wing Chun Kung-Fu. For this unique organization, ™designs first took the time to understand the school's culture and message, and tailored materials accordingly. The creative spirit and attention of ™designs produced outstanding results for this business and achieved its two primary goals of:

Reaching customers through enhanced and targeted communication.

Conveying the strong mission of this school with relevancy and beauty.


Sounds of Zion
My Reason

entrepreneurial spirit

multiple individuals

The entrepreneur possess ambition, leadership, and a positive attitude. When designing for these highly motivated people, ™designs focuses on:


fostering connection and trust with your audience.


Our designs develop and nurture a relationship between you and your unique clientele. Using imagery and graphical components that develop confidence in your product, we showcase your passion for the business. We take the time to understand the drive behind your product, ensuring that we portray your business with the utmost impact. 

Simply Delightful Cookbook
Simply Delightful Cookbook
Simply Delightful Cookbook

unique solutions

Simply De.Lite.Ful

A small, family-owned business approached ™designs to create a stunning and mouth-watering cookbook. The project held particular significance for the client, as the cookbook featured long-treasured family recipes.


The design goals for this unique project were to:


Develop a fresh and appealing design for the retail market.

Create a logical visual workflow between the content and imagery.

Lead readers visually by differentiating critical data.

Achieve remarkable results within strict budget constraints.


™designs understood the vision for this project and translated it beautifully into an attractive retail package. The cookbook features a simple, cohesive look with bold photographs and softer hues to emphasize the heirloom nature of the project and recipes. ™designs also noted the budgetary concerns and stayed within the client's guidelines.


This is the Place Logo
This is the Place Ad
This is the Place banners

timely results

This is the Place

"This is the Place" is a retail enterprise with multiple stores across the United States, providing unique books and gifts to a niche consumer market. When working with "This is the Place" initially, the primary objective for ™designs was to:

consolidate four separate and fragmented retail locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Washington, DC into one cohesive and easily recognizable brand.

Once the business logo was designed, ™designs developed a full corporate identity for "This is the Place," including store-front signage and in-store displays. In addition to retail transactions, "This is the Place" conducts online shopping; ™designs fuels this business with visually relevant and succinct messaging using appropriate web-based banner ads and promotions. ™designs also understands how important it is to:


Respond to strict product launch deadlines and objectives within a retail environment.


™designs has the discipline, experience, and critical skills required to keep a project moving in production for a precise release date. You can trust ™designs to meet your deadline.

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